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Mega annual environmental fest is to be held on 8th March 2017. Association with NSS and StreetCause

About Us

Ruedo is celebrated as environmental fest of Gokaraju Rangaraju Institute of engineering & Technology. It is a inter collegiate environmental fest held in GRIET. Abiding by its meaning, it has been the eccentric centre of revolutionary “green” ideas. RUEDO’16 was a joyful and enriching experience for the participants and this years version of RUEDO is an endeavour for excellence. RUEDO’17 sparks a platform for actualization of out-of-the-box ideas for a greener community and meaningful events thus motivating others to act on their newfound confidence. The earth is dying a slow death but you have a choice. You either watch it die or help save it. The choice is yours. Let it start with your active participation in RUEDO’17.

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Green Canvas

This is a promotional event of ruedo 2k17 which is called as the “GREEN CANVAS”. It is a very exciting event where you need to take a picture of nature which describes it at the best. Look deep into nature and then you will understand everything better,capture that and add your thoughts into it. No fee,no movement!. All you need to do is send us a message on facebook with an attached picture along with an interesting caption. Ensure you include your name and name of the institution you study at. So its time to flaunt your click-tography skills. All your pictures will be posted by us on the ruedo photography page and the picture with the most number of likes will be declared as the winner and will be awarded on the ruedo day i.e, 8thApril,2017.


We are going to prepare the handicrafts using papers and pop sticks. It is an eco-friendly one.


Making paper bags out of newspaper and donating them with a Motto"Say no to Plastic Bags"

waste water management

The water which is no longer used is being treated biologically or chemically or physically and can be used again. This saves the water for future generations.

water purification

The purification of dirty water in emergency conditions with basic items like bottles, coal, granules and filter papers

Minute to win it

Participant Need to talk on a topic given by us for one minute. Based upon the relevant information given by participant the winner is declared.

Jumbling Picture

A jigsaw puzzles is to be solved in a given time. The person with more no of puzzles in the short span of time would win.

Mind Booster

A 5-6 min video will be played then 5-8 questions will be asked. The group which answers more no. of questions will be declared as the winner.

Treasure Hunt

In this event a team will be given one riddle after solving the riddle ,they will find other riddle and it goes on until they find out the treasure.


we will be providing the papers and all and 5themes will be given. Each team will be given an hour time and they need to do something related to the themes.

Guess the Food

players will be blind folded and will be given some food items... they need to guess the food by its odor or by touching or tasting it.

Mini Militia

People of five will be joined as a team and play with the other team. The team with highest number of kills would win.


For more details contact Event manager Azmath - 7386868366


Ruedo is a environmental fest and we are proud take the initiative for a better tomorrow. The diversity of events ranges from conventional paper presentations to on-the-spot recycling. The fest will conclude with a series of cultural performances and all the fun activities. " Be the Change you wish to see in the world"

Our Team

Dr.V.Lakshmi Prasanna

StreetCause Coordinator


NSS Coordinator


Student Coordinator


Student Coordinator

Dinesh Kante

Web Designer



Student Coordinator